This is the highly anticipated section where I give you all a sophisticated run down of my age, career and location. Well, the only thing I'm certain of these days is my age. In April 2017 I quit my day job to dedicate my time and energy to nurturing my passion. That passion being LAMFK, Live Action Marketing Firm Kueens. This digital branding agency is a one-stop shop for your brand management needs. LAMFK provides advertising, social media marketing, and graphic design to make your first impression the best impression! What started as a dream is now a reality of mine and I am forever grateful to those who have supported my vision from day one. Although this journey isn't always sunshine and smooth sailing it is definitely my most exciting journey yet.

Follow me close because this is only the beginning.

 Zak Jemmott


CEO + Founder

Junior Graphic Designer

Hello, my name is Jasmine Lewis. Originally from Chicago, IL, currently residing in Atlanta, GA. I have my B.A. in public Relations and Advertising and my M.S. in Entertainment Business and Sports Management. I’ve been working with digital designs for a little over 4 years using Adobe Creative. My favorite style of graphics are creative and eye-catching, yet simple and to the point. In my spare time, I also like to write for various print publications and beauty blog.

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